Kit and Clowder Live Colour Event

On the weekend just gone, I took part in a live colour event hosted by Alyce from Kit and Clowder.  I you are considering any type of lesson for using Copic Markers I would highly recommend Kit and Clowder.  I was not really sure on whether to spend the $70 to par take in the full skin and hair course however after Sunday morning I am sold.

The event started off before the day with Alyce letting everyone know the image she would be colouring and the markers that you would be using.  Given how new I am to Copic markers I looked at the list and realised I was in trouble.  I then looked at the cost to buy all those markers and realised that would get me in even more trouble with my husband.  In the end I decided to go with a sale on at Eckersly’s at the moment which is buy 4 get 1 free on sketch markers and I got the missing skin colours and the blue’s for the dress.  I am so pleased I did as well.

The morning started by making my coffee, getting the computer setup and locking the craft room door. There were to be no distractions.

The next 2 hours disappeared and the picture below is the result.  I was so pleased with the results.  As per my normal self criticism there are a few things I am not happy with that I would like to improve, but given the complexity of the image and how daunted I was to start with I am really happy.

Live Colour

Products Used


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