Happy Wednesday

In our house we have what we call “Happy Wednesday” each fortnight.  We only have 50% custody of my son so each Wednesday is a change over day for us.  Our son (8) is so used to this arrangement it really just seems normal most of the time.  We never have to argue with his Dad about long weekends etc as it is all negated by change over on a Wednesday.

In our house, the person who notices it all the most is our daughter (3 1/2). At the start of the weeks without him she proudly tells us that she does not need to share the TV or her toys however by the Monday she is begging us to go and picking him up, quite often this is in tears.  I hate to see her like this, but I know that there is nothing I can do.

Even with all this, I consider our family very lucky. My son has a Dad who loves him to pieces and cherishes every minute he gets with him.  I have heard of many split families not that lucky. My son gets 2 x Christmas, Birthday, Easter. He gets to be an only child and cherish all the one on one time while he is with his Dad, then he comes to our place and he gets to have an adouring little sister, an awesome step Dad and a puppy to chase around.  Our daughter, while she doesn’t get the 2 lots of celebrations, still get the 50% of dedicated attention and then gets to idolise her big brother.

To top this whole thing off, we have one of those rare households where (I know this may change) both our kids love each other and love spending time being silly and laughing together. Both would be anything to help the other.  Don’t get me wrong, they still have arguments but I have heard of household where siblings just don’t like each other.

How does all of this make me and my husband lucky? We have the two of best kids (and dog) in the world. They are by no means perfect but they are always awesome. They know how to laugh, how to be silly, how to love and how to have fun.

Each and every “Happy Wednesday” I am reminded of just how lucky we are.


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Hoping your Wednesday is as happy as ours.



The Awe of Awesome

Things have not been the easiest in our world lately. In the last 18 months the universe has thrown some huge challenges our way and these have gotten to me more than the rest of the family and perhaps more than it would have got to others. This has changed in a huge way for me in the last month.

If you ask what has changed, the answer is honestly….nothing! Really though, what has changed is my mind set and my determination.  There have been a number of things that have turned things for me.  It started with my own realisation that I can not control what others think of me, or what lies may be told about me. The second change, my boss arranged some training for me and my peers and it was truly life changing for me.

This training made me realise that I control me, only me, my thoughts, my actions and to some extent I can control my own feelings.  I am responsible to people but not responsible for people. You may ask how these things have made such a difference? I realised, if I am feeling down and stressed, I can fix it all by myself. I no longer need to let this become a spiral.  I can stop and remember a time that I was hugely happy. Not just remember it as a memory, but remember the way it felt in my body, remember how it felt to smile so much that my face hurt, to laugh so much I could hardly breathe, to be so excited the butterflies in my stomach feel like an elephant having a dance party. If I can remember those feelings and start to take myself to that place, the stress and frustrations suddenly seem insignificant, and what previously seemed impossible now seems not only possible but almost easy.

Don’t get me wrong, this took 3 days of, what at time was frustrating, listening and practising my self talk in an environment dedicated to it.  These three days meant that I have been slowly able to transfer this to everyday life (not every time but it is getting there).

So what you may say, good on you! This has been significant not only in my day job but with my kids, husband and even my puppy.  I have found myself staying calm where I would have erupted previously. I have seen myself digging deeper with my kids to find out the root of issues. I have found a new appreciation for how what I do makes other feel. To remember I am responsible to others but to for others.

Am I now perfect? No! I am awesome.  This is my biggest revelation.  I, as a human being, am awesome.  I am not perfect by any means but I now appreciate that I am awesome as a person.  EVERYONE is awesome as a human being. If we take the time to talk to people, to understand them, listen to their stories, you will see the awesome in everyone. It has helped me to appreciate all those around me, and even to appreciate myself….this is a big first for me to even contemplate appreciating myself.  I have found the awe of awesome.




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