My name is Lynette (Netty), I live in Adelaide, SA and work full-time in the the IT industry. My passion however is the opposite of my work.  I love my family and I love everything paper-craft.

I first fell in love with paper-craft when making the invitations for my first wedding.  I loved everything about it and found the perfect shop (Starfish Lane) to help me indulge my new found passion.  They have change a bit since then, but at they time they sold a huge range of Artee stamps and an awesome range of paper.  This paper side is now Peterkin, located in Perth, WA.

Things in the paper-crafting industry have changed a lot since those days in 1999.  Unlike many I never really got into scrapbooking, my passion started with card making and invitations, at the time card-making products were a lot harder to come by in Western Australia than they are now.

My true passion however is event stationery, there is nothing like creating the perfect stationery to help someone celebrate an event.  The stationery that perfectly reflects the theme and feel they want to create and of a quality they will always cherish.

Long term I would love to make these passions my career, until then I will need to continue my working career.  If you need anything please let me know though, and in the mean time I hope you like to see my latest card making creations.




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