New Techniques

This week has seen me spending my time trying out some new techniques (by new I mean new to me!).  I have been watching a lot of Kristina Werner and Jennifer Mcguire, and I must say I find both of these ladies a true inspiration.  They are living my dream and their creativity is simply amazing.  I really loved the Q & A videos (first / second) they posted during this week.  It was lovely to see their beautiful faces but also to hear a bit more about what goes on in the background.

So I decided this week to try making my own embossing mask.  I was quite happy with it for my first try, but I will be working on my embossing sandwich a bit for next time as it was a bit tight and warped the paper a little. What is hard to tell from this photo is that the red center oval is actually inlaid into the debossed section created by the mask.

It was also the first time I have used two separate sentiment stamps and masked off parts to create my own unique sentiment. I was not brave enough to cut apart my stamps yet but I will get there. I know it doesn’t hurt them, I am just not sure I would ever be able to get them back to the way they were originally designed.

Embossing Mask


This second card was using some resist embossing with a combination of distress inks to creating a random water colour effect.  I had a lot of fun with this one, and my daughter has asked me several times if I made it for her because she loves rainbows. I think when I do this again I will only partially cover the section and also use only two or three bright colours. I need to get some thicker water colour paper for next time as well.  The paper I used warped quite a lot even with very little water so required extra adhesive to keep it flat on the card.

Resist Watercolour Distress Ink


I have also done some more copic colouring, I will post some of these over the weekend as I make cards with them.



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