The Weekend Is Here

What do weekends mean to you? They mean a number of different things to me, family, relaxation, indulgence, CRAFTING. Of course the time with my family is the most valuable time in my week. I am blessed that my crafting and workspace is actually in my kids playroom. This means I get to see, hear and sometimes join in on the fun.

This weekend is a bit different for me though, this weekend feels like it is more special, like there are more things to be grateful for. Why you may ask? Well this week I spent 3 days as a jury member on a trial. I am on call for the month of July and this was my first case I was impanelled on. Why would that make this weekend more special? Well I have a whole new view on how lucky we are as a family. No-one is involved in anything criminal, there is no-one likely to come and threaten us in our home, and we have a house full of loud noise, love and laughter (and the occasional argument). How lucky does that make us? This was further compounded this morning when I woke and read about flight MH17 being shot out of the sky. We have each other and that makes us luckier than many others. This weekend I am just a little bit more grateful for that simple fact.

I hope your weekend is full of fun, noise, laughter and love.







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